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Founded in 2006 by a team of veteran GMAT trainers and MBA graduates from all over the world, Prep Zone Academy is Singapore’s #1 GMAT preparation & MBA admissions consulting team. With our unique unlimited course structure, flexible schedules, tried-and-true GMAT prep methodology, we have helped many students ace the GMAT every year.

If you need to get a high GMAT score and get into the world’s top MBA programs, we are here for you.

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INSEAD Admissions: August 2022 Intake Key Dates

INSEAD MBA and GEMBA programs are highly popular amongst local candidates – with INSEAD being in one of the top 7 European MBA program.

If you are aiming to apply for INSEAD’s MBA or Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) in August 2022, here are some important dates to keep in mind:

INSEAD MBA - August 2022 IntakeINSEAD GEMBA - August 2022 Intake
Round 36 January 2022Round 222 February 2022
Round 422 February 2022Round 319 April 2022
Round 414 June 2022
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Veteran GMAT Training Team

Prep Zone Academy’s GMAT Trainers are all 700+ scorers, and have more than 10 years of experience helping students preparing for the test.

Unlimited Group Course

Our GMAT Group Course is Unlimited, which means you can take as many classes as you need for the duration of 1 year. Have no fear of missing out!

Fully Customised Schedule

Our Hybrid and Individual courses are created by you and for you. 1-to-1 classes are designed for your needs, and are fully customisable to fit your busy working schedule.

MBA Consultations & More!

Our team of MBA Consultants is always here to help. Get personalised advice on how to build a strong application profile & get into top MBA programmes with us.

Free Seminar

GMAT & MBA Introductory Seminar

Tuesday, 25 January 2021, 7:00PM-9:00PM (GMT+8)
Join Prep Zone Academy’s veteran GMAT & MBA expert, Darren, who has helped 1,000+ professionals achieve their education goals. He will be sharing valuable insights & give a complete overview of the GMAT and its relationship with MBA programs.

  • What is the GMAT – Test format, score guide, trends
  • Why is GMAT the preferred admissions test for b-school
  • EA is getting popular – What does this mean to you
  • GMAT & MBA Admissions – Its importance and scores requirements
  • GMAT Verbal – Sample questions and tricks
  • GMAT Quantitative – Sample questions and tricks
  • GMAT Preparation Timeline – How to ace the exam in 90 days (yes, it’s possible!)
  • MBA/Master’s Application Overview – The Magic Recipe
  • Questions / Answers
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About the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a globally recognised, computer-based, standardised test used by over 6,000 business school programmes (MBA, EMBA, MiM, MFin, PhD, etc.) across the globe as a part of their selection criteria.

Thus, for any aspiring business school candidates, having a competitive GMAT score is imperative to a successful application.

If you are new to the GMAT and don’t know where to start, we recommend you to attend our 100% free (no obligations) GMAT Starter’s Guide Seminar which will give you a holistic understanding of the test’s format and its requirements. Additionally, you can consider taking a free GMAT Diagnostic Test, which will give you a gauge of your current performance level and weak areas.

For the more advanced students who are facing specific problems, such as getting stuck at a certain score ceiling, or want to target certain top MBA programmes, schedule a free 1-on-1 Consultation instead so a GMAT/MBA consultant can assist you.

GMAT & MBA Intro Seminar

The Perfect Starter’s Guide To The GMAT

Free 2-hour seminar, topics include:

  • Overview of The GMAT Test Format
  • Specific GMAT Question Types
  • Best GMAT Preparation Practices
  • GMAT & MBA Overview

GMAT Diagnostic Test

Know Your Current Readiness Level

Sit for a full-length GMAT diagnostic test under exam conditions.

  • Free Test & Free Report
  • Available at both centers
  • Everyday, 9am – 6pm
  • Analysis available immediately

GMAT Consultation

Get An Expert’s Opinion

Free 1-hour consultation. Example consultation topics:

  • Specific Tactics To Achieve Your Target GMAT Score
  • Business Schools Recommendations
  • MBA & Career Advice

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“The GMAT course was time-efficient, to the point, and extremely effective. Just two weeks of working with your unique GMAT material snagged me a 770. The extremely flexible schedule was absolutely perfect for busy and time stretched applicants.”

“The trainers painstakingly explained each and every question i had difficulty with. At the end of the course, my Verbal score increased from the 96th to the 99th percentile, and my Quant score from the 69th to the 77th percentile in only six individual hours!”

"I was extremely grateful for the tutoring I received on both Verbal and Quant, and the work done at this stage was very beneficial in getting me started on the GMAT work, as well as guiding my self-study approach throughout the start of 2021."

"Thanks to your excellent course programme as well as your patient and friendly team of excellent GMAT trainers who have prepared me well and gave me the confidence to tackle GMAT head on over the past 4 months. I have successfully enrolled into the Master program of my choice. For those out there looking for help to prepare for your GMAT, look no further than Prep Zone Academy."

“The GMAT is designed to be taken in a strict, methodical approach. On this point, GMAT Zone does a fantastic job in equipping a candidate with the right strategies to approach each section.”

“Prep Zone gives you the tools to succeed at your exam. The set up they have for the GMAT classes is great, friendly and efficient. Special thanks to Darren, Jonathan and Michelle.”

“Prep Zone trainers were very thorough in covering all facets of verbal and after a while, I came to realise that there was a pattern to the way the GMAT asked their questions. This gave me a lot of confidence going into the test and sometimes, that’s all you need.

Prep Zone trainers also gave me ‘700’ level questions when they found out that I was aiming for a high score. While they were focussing on the tough questions, they did not forget to ensure I knew the basics as well. I was taught many tricks and shortcuts and this definitely saved me much time during the test.

It was truly a joy learning from the trainers above and I most definitely do not regret enrolling with Prep Zone.”

Group Class Schedule

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BLUE Lessons will be conducted ONLINE only
ORANGE – Lessons will be conducted both ONLINE and in-person (limited slots) at our Orchard office

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