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GMAT Intro Seminar

This seminar introduces you to the GMAT and business school admissions process. An expert GMAT tutor goes through actual GMAT questions, and answers all your doubts about MBA, EMBA, timeline, GMAT preparation, choosing the right business school, and the next steps.

Upcoming Seminar

GMAT and Business School Seminar @ GMAT Zone
Dec 13 @ 19:30 – 21:30

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Singapore’s Premier GMAT Course

Founded by INSEAD alumni in 2006, GMAT Zone is Singapore’s largest and most acclaimed GMAT preparation and application consulting service. It is the flagship course of its parent company, Prep Zone.

GMAT Zone’s self-crafted, unique teaching methodology, founded on lifetime access to classes and learning in small groups, has been heralded across the Asian test-prep industry as a new breakthrough standard. Its GMAT preparation courses are utilised by hundreds of students every month in Singapore as well as countries across Asia.

GMAT Zone also helped develop the original INSEAD EMBA Admissions Test in conjunction with INSEAD’s faculty and admissions staff, and now creates the Business Admissions Test for other prestigious international institutions. The parent company Prep Zone has offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and Mumbai, and was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Financial Times.

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