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Reason #1: Singapore is a global business hub

Asia has become a leading engine of global growth. By 2030, the region will make up more than half of the world’s middle-class population and form the bulk of demand for consumer goods. Asia-headquartered companies now make up over a third of the Fortune 500 list.

With the rise of Southeast Asia, Singapore continues to be a gateway to the region for top MNCs and Singapore is home to the largest number of headquarter jobs from global Fortune 500 companies compared with other key Asia hubs, according to separate 2018 studies by AON and KPMG (46% of Asia RHQs are based in Singapore across a diverse range of industries).

Singapore is a top location for investments in the Asia Pacific region (400+ family offices established in Singapore as at 2021). Even amid the pandemic, Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB) managed to secure S$17 billion in foreign investments.

Reason #2: Singapore is Southeast Asia Tech Hub

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most innovative cities, Singapore has built a vibrant ecosystem featuring global R&D labs for leading Fortune 500 companies, as well as VC funds, incubators, and accelerators. In terms of technology MNCs, Singapore accounts for 59% of Asia RHQ.

With 3,000+ startups plugged into a global network of 300+ investors and VC funds, Singapore’s startup ecosystem is thriving. Singapore topped KPMG’s global ranking of leading tech innovation hubs outside San Francisco and was ranked first in digital infrastructure by Economist Intelligence Unit’s Asia Digital Transformation Index (ahead of Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea). Emerging tech giants such as China’s Tencent, Alibaba and Bytedance have set up regional offices to reach the fast-growing Southeast Asian region while leading regional unicorns’ such as Grab, Sea, Lazada and Razer are Singapore-born enterprises.

Reason #3: A global outlook with an Asian focus

Historically and geographically, Singapore is really at Asia’s center and connects all the powerhouse economies (China, India, Southeast Asia). With a large expatriate population and a diverse local population, Singapore makes for a truly unique diversity in its culture and its ties to other Asian and Western economies. Life in Singapore will prove to be a breeze for international students, as most Singaporeans speak English, the first language for many. You will also have the opportunity to easily learn and practice your Mandarin if you are looking at a career with a focus on Greater China.

Reason #4: Singapore is home to 4 top MBA programs

Focused on business, investment and entrepreneurship, Singapore has four institutions in the the 2022 Financial Times Global MBA rankings:

  1. INSEAD (3)
  2. National University of Singapore (21)
  3. Nanyang Business School (39)
  4. Singapore Management University (51)

Besides offering MBA specializations (marketing, finance, property, finance, strategy, healthcare management and more), business schools in Singapore also have academic partnerships with overseas institutions (including schools like Wharton, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Kellogg, Yale, UCLA).

Reason #5: Amazing career prospect post-MBA

Approximately 70% percent local MBA graduates work in Singapore when they finish the course, in a wide variety of industries including financial services, consulting, technology, healthcare, luxury goods, logistics and transportation. The top 3 industries post-MBA are Consulting, Tech and Finance and some of local MBA recruiting firms include McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other top consulting firms; Citibank, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and other big banks; Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, Alibaba, Tencent, and a myriad of other leading tech firms; etc. While the pandemic has resulted in a stricter immigration policy, Singapore remains one of the easiest place to work as an international graduate.

Our Expert Recommendation:

If you are looking to be based in Singapore, but still be a part of a Global MBA program which is consistently ranked amongst the top programmes around the world, then you need not look further than the INSEAD Full Time MBA.

INSEAD has produced 9 CEOs leading a FT500 companies, making it the second most powerful business school after Harvard and its alumni have raised US$10B+ in VC funding (world’s #5 most powerful). No other school places more in Consulting than INSEAD with 52% going into the industry (McKinsey, BCG and Bain hire close to 25% of the INSEAD class every year).

Additionally it is possible to achieve THAT dramatic career change during a 1-year program, as over 80% of INSEAD students change sector, function or country, and many switch on all three dimensions. International MNCs are also increasingly seeking the international mindset and ability to work across cultures which is the hallmark of the INSEAD experience.


Our INSEAD Admissions Track Record

  • P.J. (GMAT 730, 3 years working experience)
  • N.P. (GRE 330, 4 years working experience)
  • N.L. (GMAT 720, 3 years working experience)
  • A.B. (GMAT 740, 6 years working experience)
  • C.Y. (GMAT 640, 5 working experience)
  • M.G. (GMAT 660, 3 years working experience)
  • V.K. (GMAT 710, 4 years working experience)
  • S.B. (GMAT 700, 6 years working experience)
  • J.C. (GMAT 700, 5 years working experience)
  • Y.H. (GMAT 720, 7 years working experience)
  • S.F. (GMAT 730, 5 years working experience)
  • A.V. (GMAT 720, 3 years working experience)
  • A.L. (GMAT 740, 4 years working experience)
  • C.W. (GMAT 730, 5 years working experience)
  • M.C. (GMAT 740, 5 years working experience)
  • H.L. (GMAT 730, 5 years working experience)
  • S.R. (GMAT 730, 5 years working experience)
  • D.B. (GMAT 760, 2 years working experience)
  • G.G. (GMAT 730, 3 years working experience)
  • R.M. (GMAT 710, 3 years working experience)
  • R.L. (GMAT 730, 4 years working experience)
  • N.C. (GMAT 750, 4 years working experience)
  • K.K. (GMAT 760, 3 years working experience)
  • A.K. (GMAT 690, 5 years working experience)
  • L.D. (GMAT 690, 6 years working experience)
  • B.L. (GMAT 700, 5 years working experience)

I was introduced to Jonathan and found him very knowledgeable about Bschool options. Due to some circumstances, I was unable to commit to the MBA but Jonathon kept in touch with me over the years and offered his invaluable guidance time and again. When I finally decided to take the plunge, he was available again with his best advice. Not only did he guide me with practical tips on the GMAT process during COVID-19, but he also helped me seamlessly navigate the INSEAD application process in the last few months. We had limited time for the application but Jonathan was very methodical in his approach and offered actionable crisp advice at all the right junctures which was game-changing for me. I cannot recommend Jonathan highly enough! I owe my INSEAD admission to his brilliant strategic advice and unflinching encouragement. Thank you, Jonathan!


My goal was to get into INSEAD. I signed up with Jonathan because he had a great success rate with applications to INSEAD. His expertise regarding the application process and the kind of fit that the school is looking for was unparalleled. It provided a great guiding force throughout the application process – starting from the essays all the way through to mock interviews. In fact, he also helped me think more critically through my career goals, allowing me to become a lot more specific in what I want to achieve.


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