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Getting Started With GMAT Prep

Start Your GMAT Preparation Journey The Right Way

Welcome to Prep Zone Academy – Singapore’s #1 GMAT Prep Centre.

Preparing for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) can be a daunting task to tackle. The biggest problem many of our students face while preparing for the GMAT is the lack of structure amidst a busy working schedule. Oftentimes students become unsure about the next steps to take, thus losing the momentum they have gathered at the beginning of the preparation journey.

So, what are the concrete steps that you need to take to ensure your GMAT preparation process bears fruit?


If you are new to the intricacies of both the GMAT and MBAs, you are strongly encouraged to attend the 100% free GMAT & MBA Introductory Seminar (also known as the Starter’s Guide). This free 2-hour seminar will give you a quick rundown of the test’s requirements, format, and its relationship with MBA application.

If you want to start preparing for the GMAT, the first step is to take a free GMAT Diagnostic Test. At Prep Zone Academy, we also provide a free performance report once you finish taking the test. This performance report will give you a breakdown of your strong and weak dimensions, and will be very handy for your preparation process.

Free GMAT & MBA Intro Seminar (Starter’s Guide)

2-hour, free to register & attend

Free GMAT Diagnostic Test

2 hour 30 minutes, free test & performance report


If you have been preparing for the GMAT for a while, but are:

  • Getting stuck at a certain score bracket (i.e. 600)
  • Have certain weak topics that you are not sure how to address

You should arrange for a free, 1-hour 1-to-1 Consultation and get a trainer’s opinion on how to address your current situation.

One the other hand, if you are ready to start preparing for the GMAT & find out about the Prep Zone Academy’s difference, attend a free GMAT group trial.

Free GMAT Consultation

1-hour, subjected to trainer’s availability

Free GMAT Group Class Trial

1 session, subjected to group class schedule


If you are gunning for top MBA programmes such as Harvard or Stanford, a 740 for the GMAT will definitely help your chances. This score range will also help if you are looking to get a scholarship.

For these advanced students, we recommend attending our GMAT MasterClass Session. Prep Zone Academy’s GMAT MasterClass is designed to help students tackle the toughest of GMAT questions and score 740 or higher.

Additionally, consider signing up for a free MBA Consultation. This consultation will sit you with an experienced MBA admissions consultant. The consultant will review your current CV, and give you advices on profile improvement depending on your target MBA programmes.

Free MBA Consultation

1-hour consultation, subjected to consultant’s availability