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The MBA is still one of the most important degree for a working professional. If you are looking to improve your employability, the question is not “should I take an MBA?” but rather, “which MBA is the best fit for me?

In 1-hour, sit down with an MBA consultant from Prep Zone Academy to review your profile, and gauge your success chance to your desired MBA programs. You can also shortlist suitable MBA programs depending on your profile, or future career moves.

The 1-hour consultation session is completely free, no commitment required! Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you with our trainers’ available consultation slots.

For GMAT-related problems, sign-up for a GMAT Consultation instead.

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Sample Consultation Topics

  • CV Review & Improvements
  • What’s my chance of getting into top MBA programs such as Harvard or Stanford?
  • I have a weak GMAT score, how to improve my chance of getting into a certain MBA program?
  • What are the MBA programs that will help with my future career?
  • Which MBA should I take if I want to change industry?
  • Which MBA programs should I consider in a particular location?

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