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Are you facing issues with your GMAT prep, such as not being able to break out of a certain score ceiling, or unable to score high in certain topics?

In that case, having a chat with a veteran GMAT trainers from Prep Zone Academy is your best bet. With more than 10 years of experience working with students from numerous backgrounds and performance levels, this free consultation session will help address your queries.

  • I want to score at least a 740. What are the realistic steps to take?
  • I don’t get this GMAT topic at all. What can I do about it?
  • My working schedule is very busy. How should I approach preparing for the GMAT?
  • I only have 30 days to prepare for the GMAT. What can I do?

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Let us come up with a focused study approach for you. The first consultation session is completely free, no commitment required!

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3 Biggest Misconceptions About GMAT Preparation

We have seen our fair share of common misconceptions among GMAT candidates, below are the biggest 3. To find out on how to effectively combat the misconceptions, read on here.

I should prepare for the GMAT as hard as I can.

Verdict: Nope. If anything, preparing for the GMAT is like doing a marathon – a very, very long one.

I should pay the same amount of attention to all GMAT topics

Verdict: No. The statistics that we have will surprise you.

I just need to do more practice questions and tests, and I will score better in no time.

Verdict: Good attitude, but aimless practice will get you nowhere.

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