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During the group class, our GMAT trainers will cover the important topics & concept of the GMAT syllabus. Please refer to our GMAT calendar to see which session you would like to attend. Our operators will check the session’s availability to confirm the date with you.

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GMAT Group Class Topics

  • Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Correction I
  • Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Correction II
  • Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Correction III
  • Verbal Reasoning: Critical Reasoning I
  • Verbal Reasoning: Critical Reasoning II
  • Verbal Reasoning: Reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Number Properties I
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Number Properties II
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Inequalities, Absolute Values, Word Problems
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Rates, Functions, Statistics
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Overlapping Sets, Combinatorics
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Geometry
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing Assessment

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