Individual GMAT Consultation

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Individual GMAT Consultation

Getting a high GMAT score is the first priority for any aspiring MBA applicants. With MBA programs increasing their baseline GMAT score requirement every year and the test getting more complicated, getting a 750+ seems to be a far fetch goal for busy executives around the world.

In theory, preparing for the GMAT should be a straightforward academic endeavor. In practice, most GMAT students find it hard to stay focused due to their busy working schedule. The most common problems are:

  • Failure to create a realistic plan, which leads to ineffective study sessions or simply giving up on the GMAT altogether.
  • Failure to focus on important GMAT skills, prevent students from seeing visible score improvement.
  • Failure to identify key personal weaknesses, which leaves students studying aimlessly.
  • Failure to start.

At Prep Zone Academy, our GMAT training methodology focuses on creating a personalised & sustainable GMAT preparation plan for students with varying level of availability. After working with professionals from various background for more than 10 years, we have developed various GMAT training regimes that will cater to your schedule and not the other way around.

This personal GMAT consultation helps you start GMAT preparation properly by answering common questions, such as:

  • What’s the best way for me to start preparing for the GMAT? (General GMAT planning)
  • I want to score at least a 740. What are the realistic steps to take? (Breaking a score barrier)
  • I don’t get this GMAT topic at all. What can I do about it? (Specific topical weaknesses)
  • My working schedule is very busy. How should I approach preparing for the GMAT? (Realistic study plan)
  • I only have 30 days to prepare for the GMAT. What can I do? (Specific GMAT focus areas)

Our GMAT Coaches


GMAT Consultant

770 GMAT Top Scorer. Former trainer with us who now dedicates his time to being a mentor to our trainers and students; Pratik believes that no two students can have the the same plan or be taught exactly the same way. He applies this philosophy to all his coaching sessions and is able to create a clear and structured plan to suit your needs. If this sounds like what you need – book a time to talk to Pratik.


MBA Consultant

In 2019, Jonathan helped 66 applicants secured admission offers from top 15 MBA programs. His applicants received 30+ offers from the Magnificent 7 (2 HBS, 2 Stanford, 5 MIT, 11 Kellogg, 8 Booth, 2 Columbia, 1 Wharton) and from other leading business schools such as INSEAD, LBS, NYU Stern, Yale, Tepper or UCLA. If you’re gunning for the very best programs and are looking for a b-school coach to walk you through the right GMAT plan – chat to Jonathan.


GMAT Consultant

For the past 7 years, Tushar has been a Master GMAT Trainer teaching over 10,000 hours to thousands of GMAT students. Crafting the perfect GMAT preparation plan to suit your standard, time line, and target is one of his many specialties. Book a time to talk with Tushar if you are looking to crack the 740 barrier or get to a good score in just 2 weeks.

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