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All You Need To Know About The A5 MBA Programs (The Asian 5)

Asia’s economic growth has resulted in the emergence of top MBA programs in the region. Over the last few years, we have seen a sharp increase of applicants looking at programs in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. While the Magnificent 7 (M7), Super 7 (S7) and European 7 (E7) are well-established groups, we have compiled a list of A5 MBA – top 5 Asian MBA programs that you should not overlook.

Schools in the A5 MBA programs include:

  • NUS Business School
  • NTU Business School
  • HKUST Business School
  • Indian School of Business

A5 MBA Programs List


Located in the heart of Shanghai’s financial and business district, CEIBS is China’s most prestigious and powerful business school. Constantly ranked in the top 10 by the Financial Times, CEIBS is the preferred option for international applicants looking at pursuing their MBA in China. With a very strong career placement and ties with Tech giants such as Alibaba and Tencent, you will have plenty of opportunities when you graduate.

NUS Business School

Best university (QS) and Singapore’s best ranked MBA program, NUS offers a 17-month MBA. Leveraging a dynamic and international friendly job market, NUS MBA graduates mostly remain in Singapore upon graduating and NUS has strong corporate ties with leading firms such as Google and Amazon.

NTU Business School

The NTU MBA is a prime choice for applicants looking at a One-Year program in Singapore. Very international, the NTU MBA offers an innovative curriculum that focuses on your soft-skills development and several practical education opportunities.

HKUST Business School

Hong Kong’s best business school, HKUST offers a 16-month MBA program (that can be fast-tracked in 12 months). Ranked in the Financial Times Top 20 for 13 consecutive years, HKUST is a school of choice for non Mandarin speaking applicants looking at a career in China.

Indian School of Business (ISB)

While some may argue that the IIMs are better schools, we believe that ISB is India’s best business school for international applicants. With an eclectic permanent faculty and an inviting faculty coming from the top world best business schools, the academic experience at ISB is unmatched and their yearly career placement stats match those of other elite MBA programs.

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