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MBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a brandname undergraduate degree, high GMAT, 4 years of blue chip experience and several co-curricular activities. I will surely get into Stanford, right?

Undergraduate degree, GPA, GMAT and experience all contribute to your profile. However, competition for admission to MBA programs is tough. Most candidates that apply to top business schools are qualified. Therefore, most candidates rejected by these schools are qualified too.

Accepted candidates present a certain je ne sais quoi to the admissions committee. Our consultants have a good understanding of what the schools are looking for. And they use this knowledge to help our candidates get accepted at their dream schools.

I have a decent, but sub-700 GMAT. There’s no way I can get into INSEAD, right?

Competition at top business schools is tough. Many applicants have 700+ GMATs. If you are an Asian, expect even tougher competition as Asians are an over-represented demographic at most top business schools.

However, while GMAT is a very important criterion, it’s not the only one. Business schools look at applications holistically. If they like you, they might be willing to let relatively lower GMATs slide. That’s why, while INSEAD has a high average GMAT (703), its mid 80% range is 650-740.

Our MBA consultants are able to look at your candidacy from the perspective of the admissions officers, and thus can help you create a competitive application.

I scored 760 on the GMAT. My chance of getting to Harvard is basically 100%, right?

First of all, congratulations on your great score.

Next, GMAT, while important, is only one of the several criteria business schools use to evaluate applicants. The application package consists of several documents that illuminate different facets of the applicants’ personalities. The wise applicants use each document as an opportunity to add a piece of the jigsaw to the puzzle of building their personality profile.

By itself, a high GMAT is no guarantee of getting that acceptance letter from your dream school. For every admitted candidate, the top schools reject several candidates with 700+ scores.

Admissions consulting is essentially about editing essays. Any English / communications professional can do that, right?

Good MBA admission consulting service is about selecting the best business schools for you, sculpting your candidacy, and presenting you in the best light to the schools.

Our consultants have earned MBAs of their own from some of the top schools in the world, some have even worked in the admissions offices of top business schools. Thus, they approach your application from the perspective of an admissions officer. And our track record speaks for itself.

Not every “top” program is right for everyone. We use our cumulative experience to match you with the right programs, based on your background and aspirations. We are always honest and open about our recommendations, and the ultimate decision with respect to which schools to apply to is yours.

We look at your profile and help you focus your efforts on the areas that
are interesting for admissions officers. We guide you to produce a holistic application package that would grip and enchant the admissions committee. And once you have an invitation to interview, we help you prepare for that as well.

Don't believe in hear-says.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding getting admitted to MBA/EMBA programs. To ensure that the information you receive is always updated, consult our MBA consultants in a free one-to-one meeting.

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