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Only 4% of GMAT test takers globally score 730 and above

At top MBA programs, the incoming class GMAT average stands around 730. Last year, we helped 80 applicants secure admissions offers at top business schools (including close to 40% heading to a Magnificent 7); their GMAT average was 735. When looking at historical data, GMAT average at top business schools is increasing every year and we advise students to aim for 730 and above when looking at top MBA programs. Also, keep in mind that your GMAT score will directly impact your scholarship outcome.

Scholarship Impact

Assuming you may not be able to change your undergraduate GPA or add more years of work experience to your application or resume at this stage of the game, your GMAT score is one area where you can still really outshine other applicants in your search for MBA scholarships. Your GMAT score is a big part of your academic excellence, and it’s a factor you can change in just a few short months of regular prep. As with any standardised test, GMAT scores fall on a bell curve with a standard deviation of +/- 20 points. So it stands to reason that, if you scored 20 points above the school’s average applicant, you are legitimately more competitive. If you scored 20 points below the mean, you would need to strengthen other parts of your application.

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