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Trusted by hundreds of 750+ scorers since its inception, the Unlimited GMAT Group Course is the #1 GMAT prep course for students at any level. True to its name, the course provides unlimited access to Prep Zone’s GMAT group lessons, which run throughout the year by our team of all-stars GMAT trainers.

Our GMAT syllabus is divided into 14 Concept Classes (3 hours each) – each focusing on a core area of the GMAT – and a series of MasterClasses where students practice difficult questions with trainers to break the score barrier.

These group classes are scheduled at various time slots to adapt to our students’ busy schedules.

The Unlimited GMAT Group Course allows you to take as many lessons as you want over a period of 1-year (extension available). You can choose to take the same Concept Class multiple times to reinforce your knowledge around a weak area, or attend the full syllabus right before your actual test to refresh your knowledge.

The Unlimited GMAT Group Course is everything you will ever need to score high for the GMAT. Register your interest today and ace the GMAT with us!

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GMAT Course Syllabus

14 Concept Classes (3 hours each)

Concept Classes covers fundamental GMAT topics and test-taking strategies. These sessions help candidates build a strong GMAT foundation.

  1. Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Correction I
  2. Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Correction II
  3. Verbal Reasoning: Sentence Correction III
  4. Verbal Reasoning: Critical Reasoning I
  5. Verbal Reasoning: Critical Reasoning II
  6. Verbal Reasoning: Reading Comprehension
  7. Quantitative Reasoning: Number Properties I
  8. Quantitative Reasoning: Number Properties II
  9. Quantitative Reasoning: Inequalities, Absolute Values, Word Problems
  10. Quantitative Reasoning: Rates, Functions, Statistics
  11. Quantitative Reasoning: Overlapping Sets, Combinatorics
  12. Quantitative Reasoning: Geometry
  13. Integrated Reasoning
  14. Analytical Writing Assessment

MasterClasses (3 hours each)

MasterClasses review curated difficult questions, concepts and topics with the trainers. You can also use these classes to clarify any doubts you might have about the GMAT as well.

  1. Intermediate Verbal MasterClass
  2. Verbal MasterClass
  3. Intermediate Math MasterClass
  4. Math MasterClass

Review (2 hours each)

The Review sessions are exclusively catered towards beginner and intermediate students (up to ~650 on practice tests). Unlike Masterclasses where our academic team curates the content for you, you will have the opportunity to use this session to clarify your doubts and/or review specific concepts you struggle with.

  1. Verbal Review
  2. Math Review

Course Materials Included

  • The latest edition of the Official GMAT Review book
  • Prep Zone Academy's GMAT Roadmap (printed set of slides covered in class)
  • 3-month GMAT Club Bundle
  • Free access to our GMAT library & full-length practice tests
  • 45 minutes complimentary MBA admissions consultation session

Our GMAT Trainers

Verbal Trainers

National University of Malaysia

University of Calcutta, India

National University of Singapore

Math Trainers

Yale-NUS Singapore

National University of Singapore



Thanks to your excellent course programme as well as your patient and friendly team of excellent GMAT trainers who have prepared me well and gave me the confidence to tackle…


The GMAT course was time-efficient, to the point, and extremely effective. Just two weeks of working with your unique GMAT material snagged me a 770. The extremely flexible schedule was…


The trainers painstakingly explained each and every question i had difficulty with. At the end of the course, my Verbal score increased from the 96th to the 99th percentile, and…


The GMAT is designed to be taken in a strict, methodical approach. On this point, GMAT Zone does a fantastic job in equipping a candidate with the right strategies to…


Prep Zone gives you the tools to succeed at your exam. The set up they have for the GMAT classes is great, friendly and efficient. Special thanks to Darren, Jonathan…


Prep Zone trainers were very thorough in covering all facets of verbal and after a while, I came to realise that there was a pattern to the way the GMAT…


Appreciate the various resources provided by Prep Zone, from the regular Master Classes to the practice exams to the one-to-one tutorial sessions.


I consider myself to be very lucky to have signed up with PrepZone for my GMAT examination. The trainers and consultants in PrepZone are friendly and helped me greatly in…

Megan C.


The Unlimited GMAT Group Course includes

  • 1-year unlimited access to Concept Classes & Masterclasses
  • 2021 GMAT Official Guide
  • Prep Zone Academy’s GMAT Roadmap
  • 3-month GMAT Club Bundle
  • Full-length GMAT practice tests
  • Online platform with 150+ videos

Price: 1288 (SGD)

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