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You have complete autonomy over how your sessions are structured. If you’re looking for flexibility without compromising your EA performance, this individual course will allow you to build your fully personalised study plan with your designated EA trainers. These individual sessions will help you to:

  • Build a solid foundation & understanding of the EA curriculum
  • Improve your weak areas
  • Work on the application of concepts learned
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Improve on your time management skills

Sign-up now for an individual trial class if you are keen on trying out our EA Individual course – no commitment required! Simply register & attend!

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EA Group Overview

36 hours of Concept Classes divided into 14 Classes

The concept classes will cover all the fundamental GMAT topics and are equipped with practice questions, answers, and explanations.

  • 6 Verbal Reasoning Concept Classes: Sentence Correction I/II/III, Critical Reasoning I/II, Reading Comprehension
  • 5 Quantitative Reasoning Concept Classes: Number Properties I/II, Inequalities, Absolute Values, Word Problems, Rates, Functions, Statistics, Overlapping Sets, Combinatorics
  • 1 Integrated Reasoning Concept Class

3 hours of Weekly Masterclass with unique content

Our Masterclasses are designed to equip you with the relevant skills and approach to tackle EA questions and topics, tips and tricks, allowing students to score 150 and beyond. The 3-hour Masterclass is the ultimate practice/drill sessions conducted weekly, with new content for each class (questions from 600 to 700) every Monday 7pm – 10pm.

EA Improvement Sessions

Our EA course managers and trainers will regularly be in touch with you to assess your progress and help you define an updated prep strategy that works best for you.

Executive Assessment Trial Lesson Registration

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