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Every year, we help hundreds of applicants to secure admission offers at top 15 MBA programs.

Since 2018, >90% of our M7 applicants ended up with at least 1 offer from an M7 and we have maintained a 98% placement rate at INSEAD and LBS. Our MBA applicants receive at least 1 offer from the school they have applied to. Our service is extremely comprehensive and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for packages of 4-school and above.

The secret to our high admissions rate is very simple: our dedicated consultants will stop at nothing to make your application a success. We provide a fully flexible working schedule with our applicants, and maintain an open communication line 24/7 to help our applicants reach their full potential.

Want to bring your career to the next level? Give us just one hour whenever convenient for you, and we will help you map your MBA game plan.

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How We Help

While you can easily obtain a checklist of a the required admission documents, it’s much harder to figure out things like what Admissions Committees really want to see in your essays, CV and Letters of Recommendation. There’s a world of (mis)information out there, and it is easy to get lost.

More importantly, each applicant is different and there isn’t only one recipe to get into a top MBA. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast not only of the nuances of each business school’s admissions requirements, but also of the nuances of each specific applicant, given their pre-MBA and life experiences.

Our MBA coaches will be with you at all stages of your MBA admissions process – from planning your application, improving your CV, to preparing you for your final MBA interviews.

We are your trusted partners who will stop at nothing to make your success come true.

Career Planning

We’ll discuss and develop your goals and aspirations, taking into account both your past experience and your post-MBA plans.

Program Matching

We’ll help you find the schools that best fit your goals and ambitions, but also your pre-MBA profile to ensure that you not only succeed in getting in but succeed once you graduate.

Profile Sculpting

We’ll help you craft a powerful narrative and develop a compelling case to ensure that you have a clear story to share. We’ll help you prioritise highlights, and identify items to defocus

Application Strategy & Timeline

We’ll help you define your overall MBA application strategy but also each program’s specific strategy and timeline for an effective plan of attack.

Essay Editing

We’ll be with you on every single step - from brainstorming each essay approaches to determine the key messages and examples. Each essay will go through a comprehensive iterative process to ensure that they are the best they can be.

CV Editing

We’ll make sure that you don’t make the most common mistake and submit your “latest CV”. We’ll not only help you make your MBA CV sparkle but will also help you refine your professional CV.

Referees Strategy

often underestimated by applicants, choosing the right referees will play a crucial role in your application. We’ll help you pick the best and assist them in writing an impactful letter.

Application Forms Review

Before you submit, we’ll review in details your online form for each program to ensure that no mistake were made

Interview Coaching

We’ll prepare you intensively for the MBA Admissions interview - from approaching best the most frequently asked questions (and the less frequent) to understanding how to best follow-up, we will share with you all the best (and worst) practices. You will go through at least 2 mock interviews before your real one.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do not secure at least 1 admissions interview (for packages of 4-school and above), we’ll refund you in full - no question asked.

Powerful & Flexible EMBA Admissions Package

We have various packages to best fit your needs and desires. Our top-notch customer service and dedication to your success come included with all packages!

All Packages Come With:

  • Candidacy Evaluation
  • Profile Sculpting
  • Career Planning
  • Program Matching
  • GMAT/GRE Planning
  • Strategy & Timeline Management
  • CV Editing (unlimited)
  • Essay(s) Editing (unlimited)
  • Referee Selection
  • LORs Editing (unlimited)
  • Interview Prep (unlimited)
  • Waitlist Breakout
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

EMBA Consultation Registration

Founded in 2006 by a team of MBA graduates, Prep Zone Academy has remained one of the top GMAT preparation centre and MBA/EMBA admissions consultancy in Singapore. Over the past 12 years, our veteran consultants helped more than 1,000 candidates securing admission offers at top MBA/EMBA programs.

If you are interested in working with us, or simply just want to see whether your profile is a good fit for a certain EMBA program, we do offer a free CV review service, no commitment required. Simply fill in the following form to get in touch with our consultants.

For any additional inquiries, contact us at or call us at 6812 9999.


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