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INSEAD Admission Plan For Singapore Candidates - How To Prepare Your Application While Working Full-Time

Test Prep, Interviews, Case Studies and Caffeine

The Secret Strategy That Will Get You Admitted To INSEAD In Just 90 Days

About This Seminar

The INSEAD MBA is one of the most sought-after MBA degrees in Singapore. More than 45% of INSEAD MBA graduates receive opportunities in management consulting in 2023, with an average salary of $180k. It is for this reason that many working professionals seek admission to INSEAD, even though their busy schedules often prevent them from preparing for the GMAT and drafting a successful application.

Prep Zone Academy has helped many candidates get into INSEAD MBA with a 90% success rate. Our certified methodology, coupled with a team of experienced MBA consultants who are themselves INSEAD alumni, will maximize your application’s success.

This seminar will provide a glimpse into our MBA consultants’ secret sauce, including how to ace the GMAT and craft a standout application in just three months. Reserve your seat today!


Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 23 July 2024
  • Time: 7:30 – 8:30 PM
  • Location: Online


  • GMAT prep strategies for busy schedules
  • Insider tips on INSEAD’s unique admissions process
  • How to leverage your packed schedule as an asset
  • Crafting a compelling narrative that showcases your potential
  • Singapore-specific insights for a competitive edge


Prottay Hassan

Prottay Hassan


Prottay Hasan is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in research, product innovation, and consultancy. Currently, Prottay serves as a Strategy Manager and MBA Mentor at Prep Zone. In this role, he successfully guides our very best candidates, helping them achieve their MBA aspirations. He holds a Master in Management from INSEAD, where he was awarded the prestigious Eiffel Excellence Scholarship by the French Government and earned a place on the Dean’s List, reflecting his academic excellence and leadership. Prottay’s scholarly work includes advising on decision-making in innovation and conducting behavioral studies in multi-round negotiations, under the mentorship of renowned professors.


Nagitha Kumarasinghe


Nagitha launched his career in London, serving as a Consultant for prestigious multinational firms including KPMG, IBM, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Currently, as the Director of Prep Zone Academy, he is widely recognized as an expert in Standardized Test Preparation and MBA Admissions. His expertise has been highlighted by prominent media outlets such as BBC World News and Channel News Asia. Since co-founding Prep Zone Academy in 2006, Nagitha has been instrumental in mentoring and guiding hundreds of candidates, successfully aiding their admission into top-tier business schools worldwide.


Prep Zone has been instrumental in my preparation for the INSEAD application. Through their guidance, I have gained valuable insights not only about the school but also about myself. Their coaching helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and understand how an MBA can enhance my strengths and address my weaknesses. With their constructive feedback and advice, I was able to effectively showcase my leadership potential and highlight my achievements to the admissions committee without losing my authentic voice. What sets Prep Zone apart is their in-depth knowledge of what the school is looking for and how you can be a good fit, thanks to their experience with elite MBA programs, comprehensive research, and extensive alumni networks. They taught me to be strategic and methodical in presenting my application, from essay writing to interview preparations. I highly recommend Prep Zone to anyone aspiring to attend business school. They can turn your dream into a reality. Despite my low GMAT score, I gained admission to INSEAD with their help.


Before I partnered with Prep Zone for my applications, I was completely lost. I didn't know which universities to apply to or where to start. After meeting with Prep Zone, I was able to organize my thoughts and put together a compelling application within a week! Now, I have offers from top schools, even though my GMAT score was below the average for those schools.


Prep Zone was instrumental in helping me get into my dream MBA program (INSEAD) and was a pleasure to work with. They guided me every step of the way, from content planning to my essays and finally to the numerous interviews. Prep Zone provided the consulting I needed around subject matters I wasn’t entirely familiar with, such as essay content and direction, and was also incredibly helpful in constantly reassuring me during what I would consider an immensely nerve-wracking and stressful application process.


Prep Zone was an invaluable source of help during my INSEAD MBA application. They explained the entire process clearly and helped me brainstorm and structure my thoughts and ideas according to the application requirements. They were always quick to provide edits and suggest points for improvement or expansion, really tying my application and story together. I wouldn't be here today without their input. A big thank you from me!


Recent INSEAD Admissions

  • P.J. (GMAT 730, 3 yrs working experience)
  • K.K. (GMAT 760, 3 yrs working experience)
  • N.P. (GRE 330, 4 yrs working experience)
  • A.K. (GMAT 690, 5 yrs working experience)
  • N.L. (GMAT 720, 3 yrs working experience)
  • L.D. (GMAT 690, 6 yrs working experience)
  • A.B. (GMAT 740, 6 yrs working experience)
  • B.L. (GMAT 700, 5 yrs working experience)
  • C.Y. (GMAT 640, 5 yrs working experience)
  • Y.H. (GMAT 720, 7 yrs working experience)
  • M.G. (GMAT 660, 3 yrs working experience)
  • S.F. (GMAT 730, 5 yrs working experience)
  • V.K. (GMAT 710, 4 yrs working experience)
  • A.V. (GMAT 720, 3 yrs working experience)
  • S.B. (GMAT 700, 6 yrs working experience)
  • A.L. (GMAT 740, 4 yrs working experience)
  • J.C. (GMAT 700, 5 yrs working experience)
  • C.W. (GMAT 730, 5 yrs working experience)
  • G.G. (GMAT 730, 3 yrs working experience)
  • M.C. (GMAT 740, 5 yrs working experience)
  • R.M. (GMAT 710, 3 yrs working experience)
  • H.L. (GMAT 730, 5 yrs working experience)
  • R.L. (GMAT 730, 4 yrs working experience)
  • S.R. (GMAT 730, 5 yrs working experience)
  • N.C. (GMAT 750, 4 yrs working experience)
  • D.B. (GMAT 760, 2 yrs working experience)

About Prep Zone Academy

For nearly two decades, Prep Zone Academy has been the premier choice for aspiring applicants targeting top MBA programs worldwide. Our team of experienced MBA coaches, well-versed in the intricacies of applications to elite programs, is dedicated to helping candidates achieve success. Each year, we assist an average of 80 applicants in securing admission offers from the top 15 MBA programs.

Established in 2006, we are a homegrown Singaporean company with a strong focus on supporting local applicants, including Singaporeans, PRs, and EP holders. We are particularly proud of our exceptional track record with INSEAD admissions, having successfully guided over 100 candidates to acceptance in the past ten years. At Prep Zone Academy, we are committed to being your trusted partner for all your MBA-related needs.