Free In-Person Workshop - Saturday, 24 September

Workshop: The Best Practices To Craft A Compelling CV

This one-hour workshop is ideal for young professionals (2 to 10 years of working experience) – including those not applying to business schools.
CV Workshop: The Best Practices To Craft A Compelling CV

As an MBA applicant, your CV is the only part of your MBA application that all members of an Admissions Committee will see. Yet, while many applicants spend weeks to craft compelling essays, too often they rush to ‘update’ their old CV thinking it will suffice.

Don’t make that mistake yourself and learn how to best present your professional achievements and skillset onto a 1-page CV. Learn techniques to showcase your soft skills while best displaying your achievements.

Join us on Saturday, 24th September at 10:30am for a one-hour CV workshop where you will learn how to craft an impactful CV.

Date & Time

Date: Saturday – September 24th, 2022
Time: 10:30AM – 11:30AM Singapore Time (GMT+8)
Location: Prep Zone Academy – Orchard Campus
15 Scotts Road, #07-05, Singapore 228218 (Near Orchard MRT)

This event is in-person only.


Jonathan Deforge

Head MBA & Career Coach

Jonathan is a seasoned MBA coach working high potential young professionals. He’s passionate about and skilled in helping our applicants’ personal development, helping them discovering their strengths and weaknesses. He is known to push them to achieve their true potential, helping them discover their passions and career paths. Over the last 10 years, he has personally worked with 1,000+ candidates and has maintained a perfect track record at top MBA programs.

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Our Track Record

100% of our candidates get at least one offer from top MBA programs

Testimonials From Our MBA Applicants

"I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of the top schools beyond what’s simply available on school websites. Jonathan was able to explain these nuances, which was instrumental for crafting applications tailored to each program. As a result, I got accepted into three M7 schools and will be attending my dream school this fall."

– M.C. – Admitted To MIT MBA’22

"Jonathan constantly provided me support, guidance and encouragement throughout the arduous process of preparing for my GMAT and subsequently, the application. His presence definitely played a large presence in my ability to land an offer at Stanford. He was extremely knowledgeable about the process and available resources and provided me with benchmarks to reassure me that I wasn’t falling too far behind my fellow applicants. The interview preparation with Jonathan helped to clearly identify my gaps and allowed me to gain actionable insights on how to improve. I don’t think I would have made it without the encouragement I have received over this process. Thank you so much Jonathan!"

– J.Y.L – Admitted To Stanford MSx’21

"I had a great experience working with Jonathan. I had prepared for R1 on my own and though I got interview calls, I wasn’t able to convert them for the US schools. After I went to Prepzone, I got great feedback on my essays and got more clarity on what I was doing wrong. I was really happy to get interview calls from all 5 schools that I applied to and then to get final offers from 4 out of the 5 schools. I am really looking forward to going to Kellogg and I truly believe that this wouldn’t have been possible without Jonathan’s help."

– S.S – Admitted To Kellogg MBA’22

"My numerous in-depth conversations with Jonathan helped refine my goals, which was reflected well in my essays. During the entire application and interview process, his round-the-clock availability and quick turnarounds were truly appreciated. I firmly believe that HBS would not have been possible without him. Thank you again."

– A.S. – Admitted To Harvard MBA’21

"Working full time, having someone like Jonathan dedicated to helping me with my applications, both in terms of timeline management as well as helping me navigate through the right content to include in my essays, prep-zone really was a life saver. Tiffany was also a strong positive influence on my essay editing and helped me bring out the best versions of my stories. What I also highly appreciated was the help and guidance in picking the right program for me, after receiving multiple offers. Jonathan was helpful on a personal level and was instrumental in helping me understand which program would be the best fit for me. All in all, I achieved an excellent outcome for my MBA applications thanks to the great work offered by the Admissions Consulting team at Prep-Zone."

– D.S. – Admitted To Columbia MBA’22