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GMAT Excellence Award

Achieve a minimum GMAT score of 760 and receive complimentary MBA Admissions Advisory services (worth up to SGD 6750)

GMAT Excellence Award - 2

Prep Zone Academy’s GMAT Excellence Award is offered to students who are interested to pursue an MBA. Students who have demonstrated amazing academic proficiency – a minimum GMAT score of 760 – will be granted comprehensive MBA Admissions Advisory services (worth up to SGD 6750) from our MBA coaches. Achieve your target GMAT score with Prep Zone’s comprehensive GMAT preparatory courses!

Admissions Advisory services worth a total of SGD 14,000 will be given to the first 3 students to achieve a minimum GMAT score of 760.

Eligibility Criteria

The GMAT Excellence Award is available to all prospective students who sign up for Prep Zone’s GMAT preparatory courses. The eligibility criteria for Prep Zone Academy’s GMAT Excellence Awards are mentioned below:
  • Must be enrolled in one of Prep Zone’s GMAT Courses – Unlimited Group, Unlimited Plus or Private
  • Must score a minimum GMAT score of 760
  • Open to all nationalities
  • Starts from September 15th, 2021

Students are required to contact their GMAT course manager after receiving the test score.


No. of Awards3
Award TypeMerit-based — achieve a minimum GMAT score of 760
Start DateSeptember 15th, 2021
International Students EligibleYes
First Qualifying StudentElite 4-school (worth SGD 6,750.00)
Second Qualifying StudentElite 2-school (worth SGD 4,250.00)
Third Qualifying StudentElite 1-school (worth SGD3,000.00)

MBA Admissions Advisory

Career Planning

We’ll discuss and develop your goals and aspirations, taking into account both your past experience and your post-MBA plans.

Program Matching

We’ll help you find the schools that best fit your goals and ambitions, but also your pre-MBA profile to ensure that you not only succeed in getting in but succeed once you graduate.

Profile Sculpting

We’ll help you craft a powerful narrative and develop a compelling case to ensure that you have a clear story to share. We’ll help you prioritise highlights, and identify items to defocus.

Application Strategy & Timeline

We’ll help you define your overall MBA application strategy but also each program’s specific strategy and timeline for an effective plan of attack.

Essay Editing

We’ll be with you on every single step - from brainstorming each essay approaches to determine the key messages and examples. Each essay will go through a comprehensive iterative process to ensure that they are the best they can be.

CV Editing

We’ll make sure that you don’t make the most common mistake and submit your “latest CV”. We’ll not only help you make your MBA CV sparkle but will also help you refine your professional CV.

Referees Strategy

often underestimated by applicants, choosing the right referees will play a crucial role in your application. We’ll help you pick the best and assist them in writing an impactful letter.

Application Forms Review

Before you submit, we’ll review in details your online form for each program to ensure that no mistake were made.

Interview Coaching

We’ll prepare you intensively for the MBA Admissions interview - from approaching best the most frequently asked questions (and the less frequent) to understanding how to best follow-up, we will share with you all the best (and worst) practices. You will go through at least 2 mock interviews before your real one.

100% Money Back Guarantee

*If you do not secure at least 1 admissions interview, we’ll refund you in full - no question asked.

Hear what our past applicants have to say

“I signed up with Prep Zone after doing a lot of research. I first signed up for the GMAT courses and then signed up for the consulting process. I was fortunate to meet Jonathan who helped me feel confident and hopeful throughout the process. He was honest, open and always ready to answer my questions. Then I was paired with Tiffany who really helped me understand the best way to write my essays and made sure an essay was only complete once it had gone through multiple drafts. Both Tiffany and Jonathan helped me understand the best aspects of myself to put into my applications and therefore helped me put my best foot forward when applying. I believe this is why I had multiple interviews and then acceptances. I would definitely recommend Prep Zone to others!”

K. V. Cornell MBA’21

“I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of the top schools beyond what’s simply available on school websites. Jonathan was able to explain these nuances, which was instrumental for crafting applications tailored to each program. As a result, I got accepted into three M7 schools and will be attending my dream school this fall.”


“My goal was to get into INSEAD. I signed up with Jonathan because he had a great success rate with applications to INSEAD. His expertise regarding the application process and the kind of fit that the school is looking for was unparalleled. It provided a great guiding force throughout the application process – starting from the essays all the way through to mock interviews. In fact, he also helped me think more critically through my career goals, allowing me to become a lot more specific in what I want to achieve.”


“I used Prep Zone after failing to land an interview during my first round of applications, and I could not be happier. Tiffany’s feedback about my essays was brutally honest, and helped structure my applications way better than I could have on my own. Jonathan’s candor during the interview rehearsals was really appreciated as well. I definitely recommend Prep Zone to anyone looking for help navigating the frankly ridiculous admissions process.”


“I thought that Jonathan was amazing. He helped me prepare for my interviews by doing mock interviews that were very similar to the real interview. In addition, he helped me gain confidence, so that when it came to the real interview I was fully prepared and not too nervous. Thank you Jonathan for all your help!”

A.C Harvard 2+2 MBA’24

“I had a great experience working with Jonathan. I had prepared for R1 on my own and though I got interview calls, I wasn’t able to convert them for the US schools. After I went to Prepzone, I got great feedback on my essays and got more clarity on what I was doing wrong. I was really happy to get interview calls from all 5 schools that I applied to and then to get final offers from 4 out of the 5 schools. I am really looking forward to going to Kellogg and I truly believe that this wouldn’t have been possible without Jonathan’s help.”

S.S Kellogg MBA’22

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